Chris Savor & Ollie Heron – Disappear

Posted at April 4, 2024

Today we wrap a wonderful and soulful journey of 4 creative minds that aims to explore the depths of melodic… The post Chris Savor... Read More

Alexander IV – High ‘n Dry

Posted at April 3, 2024

I hope everyone had the chillest, yet grooviest time during Easter (best of both worlds) and in case you didn’t,… The post Alexander IV... Read More

A/S/L – Candy

Posted at March 29, 2024

The latest release “Candy” by A/S/L is littered with a range of surprises by virtue of the impressive sampling and… The post A/S/L –... Read More

Helius – Colors (ft. Alpas)

Posted at March 28, 2024

The collaboration between Helius and Alpas (side project of Gobi Desert Collective) on “Colors” encourages listeners to close their eyes… The post Helius –... Read More

softy – Quiet Skies (ft. Two Scents)

Posted at March 27, 2024

The track “Quiet Skies” beautifully encapsulates what the new project by softy and Two Scents is all about. Under the… The post softy –... Read More

Teho – Rising

Posted at March 26, 2024

In my opinion, Teho’s music has some of the best sound design within the genre of melodic house. His newest… The post Teho –... Read More

Kasbo – This Is It (ft. Frida Sundemo)

Posted at March 23, 2024

Kasbo’s music is such an aerial experience. Pair this with an angelic voice like the one of Frida Sundemo and… The post Kasbo –... Read More

Chevals – Every Single Time

Posted at March 22, 2024

Chevals makes his debut on Stereofox with the emotive “Every Single Time” – a track that saunters between moody and… The post Chevals –... Read More

Yambow – Pilot (ft. AVC)

Posted at March 21, 2024

On his newest release “Pilot” with AVC, Yambow borrows from r&b, hip hop, and UKG to create a vibe that’s… The post Yambow –... Read More

sunday museum & Jowally – soft waves

Posted at March 20, 2024

Any time beatmakers come from a jazzy background, I know we’re in for a ride. Working with Korean producer sunday… The post sunday museum... Read More

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